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scattergories board game

The internet boom, the rise in popularity of video games and the volume of cable channels has resulted in the slow death of board games. There was a time when families would sit in the living room on a Saturday night and play games instead of staring mindlessly at a television screen. Even when you decide a games night is in order, grown-ups are hesitant to try something new, preferring to stick with those they are familiar with. Additionally, teenagers often dislike challenging games like Trivial Pursuit, Pressman sudoku board game and Risk because it feels like school or it takes too long to learn and play. There are many types out there, from strategic puzzles to simple card pick-ups, but none are more enjoyable, or better at keeping the attention of young adults, than the hilarious variety, designed for parties and social gatherings. They can be a meaningful way to have side-splitting fun with friends and family. There are lots of new, fun options out there and I have brought you the top 10 hilarious board games for adults and teenagers, sure to be loved by everyone:

  1. Cranium

Cranium combines aspects of Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Charades to produce an extremely fun party or family game. Players compete in two to four teams and must figure out words and phrases from clues that are read, drawn, sculpted or acted out to them by another players.

  1. Would You Rather

Would you rather immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches -OR-dive naked head first into a pool of chewing tobacco spit? Sadly for the player, “neither” is not an acceptable answer! In this edgy game teams must reach an agreement between the two, often shocking and disgusting, options and explain their selections. You win by correctly predicting the response. Would You Rather will spark many hilarious conversations about the choices made.

  1. Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an extremely enjoyable word association game designed for four to ten players. This very simple game is played with two sets of cards: red apple cards, featuring nouns (a person, place, thing, or event) and green apple cards, which feature adjectives (cute, crazy etc). Players must select the green card that best describes the red card displayed by the judge. If the judge agrees with your choice, you win. The fun stems from the hilarious and often outrageous opinions from players about famous people and events.

  1. Catchphrase!

Catch Phrase! is a game of fast talking and fast action, designed for four players or more. You must give as many clues to a word or phrase, presented on the screen, to your guessing teammates before the timer runs out. Almost all verbal and physical clues are allowed, with the exception of “rhymes with”, as long as you do not say any part of the word or phrase.

  1. Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is an entertaining and amusing game for four to six players that tests your knowledge of other people’s opinions. To progress around the board you must correctly guess others’ answers to probing, interesting questions. Loaded Questions is a great way of getting to know new people and finding out how well your friends actually know you.

  1. Scattegories

Scattergories is a fast thinking categories game for two to six players. The aim of the game is to come up with as many words of the same letter as possible, for a particular category, within a set time limit. Players score points based on the number of unique words they write down. The search for rare, lesser know words results in lots of crazy and hilarious answers.

  1. Time’s Up Deluxe

Time’s Up Deluxe is the latest in the series of the popular party games based on the classic, Celebrities. While it is designed for four to eighteen players it is not recommended to play with more than eight. In teams of two, players must try and guess the celebrity or famous title displayed on their partner’s card. In the first round almost all clues are acceptable. However each of the next two rounds brings new restrictions on the clues you can give making it more challenging and completely hilarious. One of the all-time great party games.

  1. Jungle Speed

Jungle Speed is a high speed game, for three to eight players, which requires a keen sense of observation and acute eye-hand coordination. Each person is dealt cards with almost identical images to be revealed, one-by-one, on the player’s turn. If two cards are identical, some, or all of the players depending on the card, must make a grab for the Totem sitting in the middle of the board. The fastest grabber then gives their cards to the loser. In order to win the game you must be the first to get rid of all your cards.

  1. Balderdash

Balderdash is the classic game of bluffing. Players must come up with definitions to strange, obscure words and try to convince the other players your definition is correct. Requires a slightly more intellectual crowd than many of the other games on the list but can result in hours of crazy fun.

  1. Wits And Wagers

Wits And Wagers, for three to seven players, combines aspects of gambling with trivia. Players must make educated guesses to extremely difficult questions and place bets on their own, or their friends, answers. The closest answer pays out. Although a trivia game, not much knowledge is required due to the obscurity of the questions, making it an entertaining game for all.

I would love to know about your own favorite hilarious party games in the comments section below.

- Chris

2 Responses to “Top 10 hilarious board games for teens and adults”

  1. Fred Says:

    Say Anything is another hilarious, and very non-serious party game. By the same company that does Wits & Wagers – a game that is always a hit at my large family gatherings over the holidays.

  2. Ash Says:

    Another hilarious game I've played with my friends is In A Pickle. It's suitable for all ages.

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