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For me, the best part of any day, or maybe I should say night, is the time I have a long refreshing bath before settling in to sleep. It’s so relaxing to take a leisurely bath in the calm, clean and luxurious bathroom. While mine is not a designer bathroom, it certainly feels like one due to the presence of certain shower accessories. To give your shower space a deluxe make-over, you may consider investing in the following two must-have shower accessories.

Double shower head:
Double shower heads provide more water and greater pressure for a cleaner feel. They are handy if you want a sudden perk up in the morning or a relaxed shower at night. Many double shower heads also come with features like a massaging option, adjustment of individual shower heads, swiveling heads and self-cleaning face plates.

Some other double shower heads have the option of having a mounted shower head and a hand-held shower head. This is especially useful if you want to rinse your hair after applying some Aveda shampoo or Biosilk conditioner. Double shower heads in a chrome or metallic finish give an elegant look to the shower space

Bathroom shower curtains:
Shower curtains not only prevent water from splashing throughout your bathroom, they are also the cheapest way to brighten up or change your bathroom décor. There are choices galore. You can choose from bright prints, floral designs in pretty pastels or lacy shower curtains. Bathrooms shower curtains are available in myriad fabrics, from sheer, silk, cotton to vinyl and rayon.

All you need to do is to get a double shower head and choose a shower curtain to match your bathroom décor and mood, and voila, your bathroom gets a fresh look altogether!

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