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We spend hours on the phone discussing various things and if it were not for our busy schedules we would be on the phone for hours more. Since the invention of the telephone way back in the late 1800s, they have evolved a lot. But the basic design in which the receiver and the mike which would occupy one of your hands still remains. In today’s busy times multitasking is the way to go. But if one of our hands is holding a phone, it wouldn’t quite be easy to multitask would it? This problem was finally solved when phones stated adding a powerful sound absorbing mike and a speaker on the phone. The only drawback of this system was that you would have to be near the phone itself to speak/hear anything. These phones were known as handsfree cordless headphones . Then with the increasing popularity of bluetooth technology many phone companies have incorporated bluetooth headsets for cordless phones. These devices are the ultimate handsfree devices for a person who loves spending hours talking and working at the same time. These devices are really small and you would hardly know when you put them in your ear. They are very convenient as you can take an answer calls without having to go to your telephone device. A few phones have the option to connect even up to 3 bluetooth devices at a time. These bluetooth headsets have a battery life of about 8 to 10 hours in use and up to 240 hours on standby.

The Frontgate bluetooth cordless phone is one very handy bluetooth hands free cordless phone. This phone routes all your cell and landline calls through the bluetooth cordless phone. This phone also features DECT 6.0 technology for superior sound, security, and range. This phone can link up to 2 Bluetooth devices together.

Bluetooth headsets for cordless phones have made life easier. This innovative home communication solution makes those frantic searches for a ringing phone a thing of the past

Guest blogger: Anil

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