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FIFA 10 Review

FIFA 10The FIFA series from EA sports has been improving steadily over the past decades. A lot of people (myself included) would feel that the pace at which the game is improving was not quite up to the mark. This year however EA sports decided to step it up and introduce a lot of new stuff which gamers would like. The first thing you would notice here is that they have finally got the gameplay up to the same standard as its flashy presentation. The FIFA 10 has probably been one of the biggest improvements from its predecessors ever since FIFA 1999 where you could actually go sliding into the keeper fight him of literally and get the ball in the back of the net. FIFA 10 is set to be the benchmark for all sports games. This is largely thanks to incredibly fluid 360-degree player control, improved animations, and realistic opponent AI.

They have also revitalized the manager mode in this version. EA sports claims about 50 major improvements, although an average gamer would hardly find any. These changes can be seen when you actually play any of the previous versions of this game. The manager mode here offers more natural way in which players develop and the more lifelike grind of the transfer market gives it a touch of realism that it’s always lacked. The improvement of the manager mode was very essential as this would constitute the bulk of all offline gaming.

The gameplay hasn’t changed completely, but the small tweaks and improvements really add to the gameplay. The 360-degree player control is what caught everyone’s eye. This makes the players movement much smoother compared to the 8-way movement incorporated in the previous games. FIFA 09 achieved a considerable sense of fluidity and tight controls on the pitch, but it’s fair to say FIFA 10 takes it to a whole new level. The improved match dynamics and player movement show the individual skills of each player more clearly than its predecessors.

The keeper AI has also been looked at closely, although they have failed to remove superhuman reflexes to provide something a little closer to reality. That means you would hardly see any howlers by keepers. Players moving with the ball do so with much more variety and many more animations. FIFA 10 gives the attacking player a greater chance of retaining the ball and making a purposeful run, which is further aided by the introduction of the Skilled Dribbling command. This is one of the new features which will get us all excited. This allows you to bring the ball under close control. It also provides a link between controlling a pass before dribbling past defenders. You could either try running past him or you could entice him into a rash challenge to get your team a free kick or a penalty, something Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty good at.

One of the only reasons that this game doesn’t score a perfect 10 is that the commentary isn’t up to the mark. Sure there is Andy Gray and Martin Taylor as the voices but anyone who has played FIFA 09 would notice the same lines being used. It also gets annoying when they are often wrong about an observation and make obvious mistakes. But apart from that, this game is set to be a benchmark for all sports games to come. If you are playing this game on a really large screen through your Xbox 360 you would need to get yourselves the wireless controllers to stay far away so that you don’t strain your eyes. If your a person on the go you should try out the FIFA soccer 10 PSP.

I bet everyone knew EA Sports had it coming as this is the year of the FIFA world cup, and boy they dint disappoint.

This game scores a 4.5 out of 5 in my book.

Guest Blogger: Anil

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