GE’s new 40-watt LED light bulb will last for 17 years


GE's new 40 Watt LED bulb

We all know that energy efficient bulbs consume less power and are much more competent than regular light bulbs. But wouldn’t it be really cool to have a light bulb that is not only energy efficient but also lasts forever? Well, GE has recently announced the launch of its new 40-Watt LED bulb that will consume as little as 9 watts of energy and will last 17 years of use (25,000 hours). The bulbs boast of providing the same amount of light as a regular 40 watt incandescent at around 450 lumens. Aptly named as the GE Energy Smart LED bulb, it can be used in any of the usual incandescent sockets.

CFL light bulbGE which has been the major manufacturer of light bulbs for years plans to get the new product out in the market by the end of 2010. The bulbs have a unique design and shape to disperse light in a specific direction. They are highly energy efficient and need no warm up to give out full light like regular LED bulbs. Even though this product sounds too good to be true, the only downside to it is its price. It is expected to cost around $40 to $50, which is way more than the cost of a regular LED bulb.

Only time, will tell if this bulb will be widely accepted in spite of its cost. Until then there are other cheaper alternatives to energy efficient bulbs that are available in the market like the CFL light bulbs and LED bulbs. These light bulbs are energy star approved and come in different shapes to suit your every lighting need.


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