Lace your Adidas Samba skate shoes and swoosh away


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Watching Kim Yu-Na swoosh away with the gold medal in Vancouver 2010 Olympics must have raised your addiction to skating to a new level. However, even if you have missed the show, you won’t be in wrong side if you choose to go for skate shoes this season. What can be a better option than the Adidas Samba skate shoes? It features a reptile-like texture on the suede upper, plus suede overlays and a durable rubber outsole. It is perfect for another dream skating session.

You must be thinking “all is well that ends well.” But it’s important to note that the journey of wearing skate shoes is tougher than you might expect. It’s a fact: Many people dwindle away when it comes to lacing the skate shoes. Suppose, you have got the DC Manteca 3 skate shoes and you are proud for choosing quality and cool looks. Still, you won’t be anywhere near the skating rink if you do not know how to properly lace the shoes.

In actuality, it is not very arduous. Just make sure that you start with the holes nearest to your toes and keep putting the end of the laces from the inside to the outside at the last holes. After completing lacing, tie a knot on both ends so that the lace doesn’t skip out of the hole. Now, at the end pull out the insole, place the remaining lace there and put the insole back. Seems quite easy but many people fumble when it comes to lacing if they don’t know the proper way.

Of course, not everybody who wants a pair of skate shoes doesn’t skate. If comfort is what you’re after, why should one wear shoes just for skating? This applies to a pair of women’s Etnies shoes. Although perfect for skateboarding, you can take it granted that you won’t look rubbish if you get the Etnies Vanah skate shoe. Remember: Looking sexy is never a crime.

You can also try the toddler skate shoes for your baby. The colorful toddler Casual Shoes have different themes that are a great way to enhance your baby’s creativity and style at the same time.

Check out the various options in skate shoes if you are looking to buy a pair. Even if you don’t get the gold medal, you’d surely end up loving skateboarding.

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