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Having a pet dog is one of the most wonderful experiences you will have in your life. Dogs are perhaps the only ones who will love you unconditionally. Raising a pup is very enjoyable and it is a huge responsibility. It is almost like raising a child. Training a dog will ensure that your relationship with your dog will be perfect. You should start training your dog as early as possible. The first thing that a pup goes through is to get used to the surroundings of the place it will live. This can get a lot difficult as most pups get restless and go on a destructive chewing spree. Fortunately research has shown us different ways to train our dogs to be the perfect lovable pets.

A dog crate is very important for your dog to get used to its surroundings. Most people say that putting a dog in a crate is cruel but little do they understand. Believe it or not but crates make house breaking for dogs a whole lot easier. The natural instinct of a dog is to sleep in a den. Puppies are born with the instinctive desire to keep their dens clean. Given the opportunity, most puppies will seek out an area to that’s far away from where they eat and play. This way you could use a crate to take advantage of this natural tendency and help the puppy to learn to control himself in between trips outside. During the first few months, puppies require almost constant supervision which is difficult with our busy lifestyles. Using a crate helps you to prevent accidents when you can’t watch your puppy every single minute, and we all know that less accidents means house breaking is a lot easier and faster. When house training your dog, consider getting a dog crate plastic pan for any accidents.

The size of a crate is very important as well. You should get a crate long enough for dogs to stretch out on their sides to sleep not bigger not smaller. Not everyone can afford to buy a new one for each stage of growth, but then again   large crate can make a puppy harder to housebreak. Fortunately a few Petmate dog crates have a divider so you can shrink and expand the puppy’s space as needed. For dogs that grow really fast and big you should consider buying a Petmate extra large dog crate. The next essential item that you would need is a medicated dog shampoo. Dog shampoos are very essential as this is the only means of cleaning and protecting them from diseases. These dog shampoos ensure your dog has a clean and healthy skin. It also keeps your pet’s coat soft, supple and shiny.

Raise your dog the right way and enjoy the relationship that it will share with you.

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