Spring sleepwear for warmer weather


As winter changes into spring, you will be packing away your sweaters, coats and jackets. Just as the change in season warrants a change in your daywear, similarly its time to put away your footed flannel pajamas, and start sporting men’s sleepwear designed for the warmer weather. So what should you be wearing to sleep during spring and summer?

The most important factor when you buy sleepwear is comfort and fit. If you live in an area where the weather is warm, you may want to wear just a pair of really loose comfortable boxers like the Tommy Hilfiger boxers. You could also wear a comfy tee if you are facing an open window or if you have the air conditioner on.

However, quite often wearing pajamas is more practical since under certain circumstances it may be improper to lounge in boxers. Pajamas are especially convenient during the weekends when you need to go on an errand but feel too lazy to change into a pair of jeans and tees.

During the warmer months, wear night clothes made of fabrics that wick away the perspiration  from your body, causing it to evaporate and keep your body cool. These materials will also allow your body to breathe. Examples of such clothes include cotton boxers, satin pajamas and silk sleepwear. When buying your nightclothes ensure that they are loose fitting and comfy. The elastic waistband should not be tight.

Getting a good sleep is essential for everyone’s health. If your sleepwear is not comfortable, your sleep will be affected. Thus choose your nightclothes with care and sleep well.

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