Warm weather brings out the bugs


Stroller netting

Battling the heat is a challenge enough for your little baby and to add on to the torture are the little bugs. Bugs are very active in the warm weather. The warm climate helps them breed and as a result the bug population simply blooms in the warm months. It is this time of the year when you have frequent unwanted visitors that will thrive and move in to your home. Bugs become more of a nuisance if you have a baby at home. It is very important to keep your child safe from these potentially nasty hazards. Though most bugs and insect bites pose no serious harm, why give your little one the pain and discomfort?

I recommend a few buys for your child this summer.

  • Stroller netting: Summers are the perfect time to stay fit and healthy. Going for early morning walks is the best idea and when going out for a stroll with your little one, do not forget to have a good stroller netting in place. Carry your baby safe and free from all the bugs and insect bites with the help of this protective netting. You can also use a stroller sunshade attachment for protection from sun.
  • Baby bee crib set: A baby bee crib set is all that your sweet bundle of joy will need. This crib set which features buzzing bees and tiny crawling beetles to tickle the tiny mind marks the onset of the warm weather and gets nature right in to little one’s life. The Gordonsbury beetles and bees crib set is the one that my baby has. Let your baby settle down to sleep in your home with this fantastic nursery set.
  • Butterfly bedding: If you are looking for a bed set for your toddler then Butterfly bedding is what you should opt for. These wonderful bedding sets for children add color and life to any room. The little butterflies not just look adorable but also teach a lesson to your young child on how we change through different stages of our lives. From caterpillar to cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, these creatures simply fill magic in the eyes of the child. Though butterfly bedding is a great option for both girls and boys, it is particularly preferred for the young girls.

Hot weather is a boom for bugs. You child safety becomes paramount. Ensure that your child is well protected from all the infections that these bugs carry by preparing in advance with the right gear. Hope your child doesn’t get ‘bugged’ this summer!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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