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A good comforter is a very important part of any bedding. If properly selected, it will provide you with comfort, warmth and style. When selecting a comforter, consider the climate of your geographic region as well as your personal preference for temperature when you sleep. In true Goldilocks fashion, you want the comforter to be “just right” so that you don’t overheat or freeze at night!

If you live in a warm climate, avoid thick comforters, like those made of wool or down. Instead, consider cotton, which is lighter but will still keep you warm through the night. If your hometown is subject to bitter winters, a flannel comforter like a L.L Bean stripe flannel comforter will keep you toasty. It comes in five striped designs and is machine washable.

For a walk on the wild side, go safari with a plush zebra comforter. Animal prints add instant style to a bedroom and are great if you like loud prints. With a zebra comforter, your bed will instantly become the focal point of your bedroom — especially convenient if you don’t like to decorate.

When you are shopping for comforters, remember to take any allergies into consideration. You wouldn’t want to be kept up sneezing all night! If you or your partner are sensitive to certain fabrics or fillings, invest in a hypoallergenic comforter to avoid triggering allergies.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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