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If a person lives life in the fast paced lane and has busy schedule throughout the week, then sooner or later the back pain complain may arise. Back pains are mostly common among people over the age of forty. However, there are always exceptions. It doesn’t matter if you have been lifting heavy weights all your life or have been a couch potato; you can still have back pain. Pain in the back can take many forms and has underlying reasons that need to be addressed.

One of the best ways to beat back pain is to use a lumbar support roll. Lumbar rolls are pillows designed to provide comfort and relief from back pain, especially lower back pain while sitting for a long time or traveling. The correct use of lumbar roll encourages a person to maintain correct posture which reduces the pain generated in the back. Whenever I suffer from back pain, I try my best to sleep on a flat and hard surface like the floor. While traveling or driving, I use a foam lumbar roll. It is a set of five pillows that can be placed in different places that you use often.  A foam lumbar roll helps reduce fatigue and stress. It is a high-density medical grade anti-allergenic foam pillow and stays in shape. It also comes with full size zipper for adjustments to the chair. The best part is, it is affordable and machine washable.

It is indeed important to sleep well for a great day. A disturbed sleep caused by back pain may result in irritation and have direct impact on your mood for the rest of the day. A Sears foam mattress is a perfect way to sleep. It is a unique mattress made of pure polyfilax visco memory foam while the cover of the mattress is of luxurious pure organic cotton. It is built to give proper support to the back and gives relief from aches and pains. Orthopedically too, a supple-pedic mattress helps to keep the spine in proper alignment.

Back pain can appear due to a twist, bend or just by any normal deflecting activity. Now, with tools in place to reduce or prevent it, back pain can easily be managed.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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