Bedroom decor trend: Canopies


Canopy bed frame

Our home is our refuge from the outside world and our bedroom is our personal haven. Decorating your bedroom your way can make your personal space truly yours. The décor of your room reflects your identity. It speaks a lot about who you are. If you want to add romantic feel to your personal den, then canopies are what you are looking for. The latest trend in bedroom décor is the canopies. They look extremely romantic or classy depending on what you choose, and are simply perfect for decorating the bedrooms.

Whenever I think of my bedroom, I always imagine a personal cocoon with love in the air. This is the reason why I have chosen a canopy bed frame for my bed. This might sound exotic, but a simple canopy bed with elaborate drapes though a little expensive can bring romance to your bedroom.  A canopy bed frame is like an icing on the wedding cake – the beautifully sculpted wrought iron posts form a beautiful canopy atop your royal bed. My bed has the palace canopy. This elegant gossamer canopy allows to attach its four corners either to the ceiling or to the bed posts. Made of whisper sheer, soft netting; it has multiple openings for easy entry. With this canopy, I truly live life king-size!

Dressing up your room with canopy bedding gives you immense joy and pleasure. The canopy bedding not just adds aesthetic charm to your bedroom but is also ideal for summers. Add some grandeur to your room and relax under the delicate feel of luxury!

Remember, your bedroom is the place where you spend your most private time. It gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility away from the outside stress; only the perfect ambience can create such beautiful moments!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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