Breathable socks for warm weather


Comfy breathable socks

Socks protect your feet during the summer months from dust and moisture. But can you imagine wearing shoes without socks? Humidity would make your shoes moist and you would be unable to walk in them. So, during the warm summer months you simply cannot do without a pair of comfy, breathable socks.

What are breathable socks?

To avoid issues like feet odor or sweating, you should invest in a branded pair of lined neoprene socks. Generally made of natural fabrics like cotton, these socks allow air to pass through them. It saves you the embarrassment of sweaty and smelly feet, which plague restrictive styles like sneakers and formal shoes.

Different styles of breathable socks are available to suit specific requirements. For example, if you go hiking during the summers then invest in a pair of Icrebreaker hyperlite liner hiker socks. They are longer than usual socks and protect the feet and calves from insect bites, thorns, etc. But at the same time, it also allows your skin to breathe free. Funkier designs like Sockwa solid beach socks are perfect for a day at the beach. Formal breathable socks provide all-day comfort to the feet, without causing any irritation or allergies. You can get them in light summer colors like beige, white and cream.

Breathable socks are recommended for the warm weather to-

  • Protect the feet from dust and excess moisture
  • Come with natural insulators to enhance comfort
  • Made from skin friendly materials like cotton
  • Prevent feet odor and sweating
  • Avoid blisters
  • They don’t shrink and are machine washable

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