Dressing up your dog


Neoprene Dog vest

I was never interested in dressing up my dog. I used to think it was quite tacky. It wasn’t until last winter that I realized that sometimes your canine pals will need some kind of dressing. My dog caught a very bad cold in the winter. He kept sneezing all day and his runny nose got him really irritated. My friend recommended that I get him a dog sweater to keep him warm. That was when I realized how badly he needed it. One of the main reasons my dog caught a cold was because of a drastic change in the climate. We moved from Miami to Albany and the dramatic change in climate really affected the poor guy. The sweater helped keep him warm and comfortable.

Another useful item in dog clothing is the neoprene dog vest. It is a toughened vest designed to fit snugly around the torso of the dog and protect him. It is especially useful when you plan to take your dog into the wilderness when you go hunting. The vest is a tough jacket that is resistant to thorny shrubs and other sharp stuff in the wilderness. Your dog will be able to watch his footsteps and make sure he doesn’t step on something but he won’t be able to watch what is beneath his torso. That is where this jacket helps. It is like a doggy Kevlar vest!

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