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If you are an avid gardener like me then you know that there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching your plants grow and bloom. While having a garden is in itself considered eco friendly, there are ways you can further green your garden. Here are some top green gardening tips:

  • Go au naturale by making your own compost from the vegetable and fruits scraps you would ideally throw away. Compost enriches soil fertility which promotes healthy root development. They also contain a lot of nutrients that are great for your plants.
  • If composting is not an option then opt for organic fertilizers. They contain fewer chemicals and are good for your plants and the environment.
  • Harvest rainwater by using rain barrels. Watering plants with rain water is inexpensive, effortless and helps in conserving water. And not to forget your plants get mineral and chlorine free water.
  • Add plants in your garden that require less water to sustain like succulents.
  • Water your garden late evening or early morning as less water is lost through evaporation during those hours. This also helps your plants absorb more water.
  • A great way to light up your garden naturally is by adding solar deck lights. These lights use sun light to power up and are an affordable way to add the outdoor lighting you need.

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    Great and wonderful information! Thanks for sharing gardening tips. It helps me a lot in my garden.

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