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Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in North America. Its origins were traced back as early as the 1100s. Lacrosse was played throughout modern Canada, but was most popular around the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic seaboard, and the southern parts of America. Lacrosse originated with the Native Americans of the United States and Canada. They were first seen mainly among the Huron and Iroquois Tribes. Initially this game was a part of religious ritual which was played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, develop strong, virile men and prepare them for war. Lacrosse now in the United States is played at the collegiate level in both the club and sanctioned team sport. Lacrosse these days has begun to flourish at an international level with the sport establishing itself in Europe and East Asia. Lacrosse was an Olympic sport in the years 1904 and 1908 and Canada managed to win gold on both occasions.

The game is relatively simple to play and understand. Lacrosse is a team sport that is usually played using a small solid rubber ball and a long-handled racquet called a lacrosse stick. The head of the lacrosse stick is strung with loose netting that is designed to hold the lacrosse ball. The objective of the game is to use the lacrosse stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball in to score by shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal. Defensively, the objective is to keep the opposing team from shooting the ball into the lacrosse goal and to dispossess them of the ball through the use of stick checking and physical contact or zonal positioning. The sport has three major types. They are men’s field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse and box lacrosse.

In men’s field lacrosse there are ten players on each team. They is a goalkeeper, three defenders in the defensive players, three midfielders who can free to roam the whole field and support the forward men and defensive players as well and three attackers attempting to score goals in the offensive end. This is the most common version of men’s lacrosse played.

In box lacrosse the game is played between teams of 6 players each. This is an indoor version of this game. It is played on ice hockey rinks where in the ice has been removed or covered by artificial turf. The enclosed playing area is called a box hence the name box lacrosse. This version of the game was introduced in the 1930s and became popular in Canada.

In women lacrosse there are 12 players on each team. Women lacrosse is slightly different to men’s lacrosse. The duration of the game is 60 minutes, two halves of 30 minutes each. Each team is allowed one 90-second team time-out per half. Time-outs may be taken after a goal has been scored. Apart from this women’s lacrosse rules are specifically designed to allow less physical contact between players. As a result they have just a mouth guard when it comes to protective gear.

So be a part of one of America’s oldest games and enjoy it to its fullest.

Guest blogger: Anil

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