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Being a very nature-loving person, I love everything that’s nature related like plants, trees and animals. I am especially very fond of birds. But I hate to cage them. Now I could never find a way to have birds as pets. But thanks to numerous things available in the market, I’m now able to attract my all possible feathered friends to my garden. I now have my favorite pets all around me for almost the entire day and I’m happy to see them free and singing!

I brought home a couple of things from the market recently that helped me plan this out. The most interesting ones are the birds’ baths and the bird feeders of course. The best ones in the bird feeders is definitely the blue glass in-ground bird baths. Blue is always the best colored container for water but when it’s made of glass its looks very enchanting. The one that I got for my birds also glows in the dark so they know its water in there at night too. You can either have them in-ground or also have them fixed with a metal stand. Both, I think look equally natural but I prefer an in-ground one.

The bird feeder is a must have if you want to attract birds to your lawn. What would be better than giving them a home to come back to where they get fed? I love to relax while seeing those birds every day, sit and eat on my Whitehall tube bird feeder. The free-standing type is better if you have squirrels in your yard. Birds like sparrows, robins, towhees, and doves prefer to eat on the ground and scattering cracked corn and millet will keep them coming back for more. So I usually do that.

Apart from these, you can get some more and nicer plants like shrubs and bushes in your garden and some colored, nectar-giving flowers to attract hummingbirds. Now sit back every morning and every evening enjoying your feathered friends!

Guest Blogger: Hina

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    But now a days many people are interested to avoid the entrance of birds to their garden.

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