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Choosing a cologne is not a task to be taken lightly. The right cologne can transform your image at your workplace, school or at a party. Much like choosing the proper suit, cologne must fit you and your lifestyle. However, buying any expensive cologne always doesn’t guarantee you the best outcome. What is more important is how you feel about the fragrance and how others feel about it.

Here are a few things that may help you spread that attractive fragrance around.

  1. Always try the cologne on yourself before you pay the cash or swipe your card. A self-test on your skin is the single, surefire way to determine its reaction on your skin. Then, it is advisable to hold on for a day or two to check if the cologne reacts in any negative way on your skin.
  2. Make sure you always eat right. One visit to the Chinese restaurant for mandarin fish or an Indian store for chicken vindaloo can make cologne smell stronger in a negative way. On a date night, keep away from strong food.
  3. Versace cologne is a great buy for men who don’t compromise in life. Versace cologne is a youthful mixture of musk on the bottom and bergamot riding over the top. Versace Pour Homme gives men below 30 years an invigorating scent for any activity.
  4. Go for the basic scent that you are comfortable with. Ask for recommendations to look for similar colognes. There are good chances that you may find cologne with your kind of fragrance for quarter of the price.
  5. Always consider the price. Most high end colognes come with jaw-dropping price tags. If $150 for a bottle is expensive for you, a discount store may be a good idea. But, if you’re someone who loves to pick up something exclusive, then Tommy Hilfiger cologne will not disappoint you.

My personal recommendation is the Dreamer by Gianni Versace. The cologne is a smooth fragrance of citrus and sandalwood. It is a perfect wear for day and night occasions.

Cologne says a lot about your choice. So taking out time to select the perfect one will pay off in large joyous dividends.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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