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Fish tank cube

Your 125 gallon fish tank is a home for your fish. Like all homes, they need regular cleaning for your fish to live happily and healthily. If you do not clean your fish tank regularly, the water can get very dirty and your fish can get sick. Cleaning a fish tank is actually quite simple. Everybody thinks it is a tough job but if you follow these simple directions, cleaning your fish tank is very easy!

  1. Before you clean your fish tank, unplug any electrical appliances attached to it. For example, the filter, aeration or lights attached to the tank need to be unplugged.
  2. Open the tank and scoop out water from the tank using a mug or a pitcher. Make sure you get enough water for your fish to swim comfortably in a separate container which will serve as a temporary shelter for your fish while your clean the tank.
  3. Pour the water from the mug into the temporary container. Gently transfer your fish into the container by using a fish net.
  4. Once your fish are out, empty the tank. Tanks come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, I have a fish tank cube which has a depth of four and a half feet. I can’t empty it easily. So I use a bucket. If you cannot move the tank itself, transfer the water into a bucket and pour it into the drain.
  5. Once the water is emptied out, use a scrubber to clean the walls of the tank thoroughly. If your tank has rocks then clean them by picking them up with a gravel vacuum and cleaning them. Use the scrubber to make sure that there is no algae in your tank.
  6. Once the walls of the tank are scrubbed clean, pour fresh water into your clean tank and replace your stones and fish tank accessories.
  7. Your tank is clean again! Now transfer the fish back to their home using the fish net. You’re all done!

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  1. Too many tanks Says:

    You've GOT to be kidding me.
    I agree tanks need to be clean, but by doing this you are risking shutting down the biological filtration.
    PLEASE tell people to only scrub the tank walls with a pad that is glass safe, not Scotchbrite or anything that has EVER been used for something else. Remnants of household cleaners will kill your fish in minutes.
    Step 5 says to use a gravel vacuum. Your tank has to have water in it to use a gravel vacuum, but he emptied the tank in step 4.
    Are you treating the replacement water with Start-Right, Amquel or anything like that? These are products that remove ammonia and chlorine from the water. Your local water-treatment plant puts chlorine in your water to kill any bacteria and make it safe to drink, but safe for you is deadly to your fish.
    Take whatever you feed your fish and cut it in half. Fish survive on tiny amounts of food, and uneaten food that settles to the bottom jst rots.

    Feed less, clean using the right tools, don't change all the media in your filter every water change and use water-treatment when you replace your water.
    Good luck

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