How to find the right sunglasses for your face shape


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Having a pair of perfect sunglasses that flatter your face is as important as having a great piece of shoes or a great bag. Picking a pair of sunglasses is quite a challenging task since most of us are not sure of the style that will suit our face best. Choosing the right sunglasses means checking out for a lot more than the just the UV-protection. Sunglasses have become the ultimate fashion accessory. Whilst there may be glamorous and stylish frames on the rack – make sure to pick the one that is the most appropriate for you. Whether your face is oval, round, heart-shaped or square; there is a sunglass frame fit for you.

The basic trick to find the right men’s sunglasses for your face shape is balance. To find the best frame that is best for your face shape, try to flatter your features by balancing them out with the shape of the sunglasses. Here is a little guide that helped me a lot in choosing my perfect sunglasses. I’m sure this will make purchasing the right sunglasses for you much easier.

  • First of all, determine the shape of your face. The tip is to get the sunglasses in the shape that is opposite to your face shape. Like for instance, if you are round shaped get square or rectangular framed sunglasses. These minimize fullness in cheeks and bring your features in to balance. The impulse sunglasses have the perfect rectangular shaped frames. They are wrapped and raked to provide protection, performance, comfort and style to the wearer. They are lightweight and durable and create a sporty look.
  • Choose any trendy style if you have an oval shape face. Oval faces work well with narrow oversized, aviator or tinted shades easily. I fall in to this category and I simply adore my new plastic aviator sunglasses. These stylish yet light-weight pair of sunglasses instantly adds glamour to your style and look perfect with your casuals. These frames look good on even heart-shaped faces.
  • The size of the frame should also be in proportion to the size of your face. It is important to look for frames that compliment a face by softening or drawing attention away from its more prominent features. If you have a smaller face with delicate features, smaller sunglasses look best. If you have a larger face with bold features, bigger dramatic sunglasses work best.

A perfect pair of sunglasses adds a lot of elegance to your look. The key thing about sporting sunglasses is to find the right frame. Shop around till you find nothing but the perfect ones which complete your summer look in style.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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