How to go green at work?


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One of the best ways to ensure that others also join you in the ‘go-green revolution’ is to go green at work yourself. Not only this will inspire others to bring down the carbon footprints, it will also lay the foundation for a safer and cleaner workplace. A greener office approach includes optimal utilization of resources – creating less waste, reusing green products and saving energy. This not only makes a smart business sense, but also ensures a safer and cleaner environment.

Since in any office, disposable paper cup make a large part of each day. Start using your own personal glass mug for your daily needs. The stationeries make bulk of the office wastes, using recycled envelopes or eco friendly labels could be a great way to start. The best practice would be to order office stationeries from suppliers who have the right credentials. It is not only sufficient that such suppliers should sell recycled products, they should also source their materials from sustainable forests.

While selecting recycled envelopes, make sure that they are without windows and are made of non-glossy papers so these can be easily recycled. You may also order in bulks to cut costs.

Nowadays eco friendly labels are not only made of genuine recycled paper, they are also printed with vegetable-based inks from renewable materials. These make them easily biodegradable.

While buying office papers, opt for chlorine-free, recycled office papers to save trees and reduce air and water pollution. Also, make sure that you use both sides of your office papers for printing or photocopying purpose. To further bring down consumption of papers, whenever possible, consider using scrap papers in the fax machine or for internal office use.

In a world concerned about the impact of climate change, having green credentials not just boosts your public image, this can save our very existence!

Guest Blogger: Nina

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