How to use an electronic dog training collar


Dog training collar

Electronic dog training collars are helpful to correct bad dog behavior. The collar administers a gentle tingling shock to your pet that will tickle them on command. The collar comes with a remote unit that has controls to administer the shock as well as to adjust the level of the shock. A gentle tingle is more than enough to grab your dog’s attention and let him know that what he is doing is wrong. But sometimes, a dog with a thicker coat may need a higher setting on the remote. The collar and remote are very useful to train your dog to stop doing something bad and listen to your command. If you want to use one to train your dog, here is what you do:

  • Pick up an electronic dog training collar set. It will come with a dog training collar and remote.
  • Fit the collar on him with his regular dog collar. Make sure it isn’t too tight. Once you have finished fitting it, use the remote and set the shock level to the minimum. Now, for most dogs even a slight shock will register for them. They will snap to attention and look for the source of the shock.
  • If he doesn’t respond, turn up the degree of the shock slightly. Keep testing till you receive a positive response. Never turn up the degree of the shock too high. If the shock is too much, your dog might get irritated with it rather than obeying your commands. He will stop listening to you.
  • Now once you have finished adjusting the collar, take your dog out for a walk and watch for any signs of bad behavior. If he starts tugging and pulling away from you, use the remote to give him a slight shock. He will stop. Use this moment to pull him with the leash give him the “Heel” command. He will know to stay close to you when you do this.
  • If he runs towards other dogs or towards trash cans, use the remote to stop him and immediately pull him closer with the “Heel” command. Remember to always reward him with a treat every time he successfully obeys you.

Over time, your dog will realize that by obeying you, not only does the tingly shock disappear; he also gets a lot of treats. The bad behavior will correct itself slowly and you will find your dog to be much better behaved!

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