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Baby playpen

Playing though is a fun activity for your little one, but there might be a lot of potential dangers lurking around that you need to keep an eye on. The biggest dangers to babies are from regular household items or their own toys. When you get your baby home, you have surely created a safe environment for her. You’ve no doubt filled her nursery with a secure crib with luxurious bedding, her little wardrobe with comfortable baby clothes and her changing table with diapers. However, be sure not to forget another very important part of your baby’s daily life – her playtime!

Providing your new baby with stimulating, well-made and safe toys is essential not only because toys are great learning tools but also because these little toys will keep your little one engrossed for hours together. It is, however, very important to be very selective when you go about buying toys for your baby. Heed the recommended age range and also carefully look for any safety instructions. A baby playpen is the safest option to keep your baby safe and entertained. You can just put your baby in there, fill it with all her favorite toys and let her enjoy safely for hours together. These baby playpens are foldable and can be carried along to your short picnics by the beach.

A baby play yard also does quite the same – keeps your baby safe and happy, letting her enjoy long play hours. I got a Play Yard – Nambia for my daughter which she absolutely adores. This play yard provides a safe place for my baby to play and also to take a nap in between. It’s perfect to take along for a short visit to my parents’ house. The soft sage green and tan plaid fabric with a lovely mobile that has three dancing monkeys makes this baby play yard uniquely best!

To curious babies, anything that they can lay their hands on become a potential toy. They’re especially fascinated with everyday items like TV remote or a hairbrush. As long as the stuff is safe, it can be a great way to build their imagination.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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