Keep your home office organized


Keep your home office organized: file boxes, hanging file drawer, wire paper rack

Simplicity is key when it comes to productivity in your home office.  The best way to keep your home office simple is to keep it organized. To increase your work productivity try organizing, redecorating and cleaning your home office. Having an organized workspace will help you flow from one task to another without distractions. Less clutter means spending less time trying to search for work notes and office supplies in your desk and files. It’s time to get organizing!

Here are three easy steps to organize your home office:

  1. Make a checklist: Make a checklist with everything you need to do to organize your home office. Do you need to organize your desk, buy office supplies or organize computer files? Write it all down and check off each task once it’s completed.
  2. Clean: After you make your checklist you can start cleaning. I recommend starting at one spot in your home office. Find that spot- be it a corner or the inside of your desk – and clear everything out. Then clean this empty space. Vacuum fabric surfaces and wipe down hard surfaces. After this, form two piles with everything that you cleared out of that space: one pile for things that you need and one for a pile of things that you don’t need. Recycle old papers and donate file boxes.
  3. Decorate: Buy the furniture and supplies you need for your office. Buy a lamp if you need more lighting, a wire paper rack to organize important papers and flowers to brighten the room. One of the most important pieces of furniture for a home office is a desk. Find a desk with a lot of writing space and at least one hanging file drawer. This drawer can be used for storing insurance forms, tax returns, receipts and other essential papers.

Keep your desktop clutter-free! A clutter-free desk is one of the best ways to keep focused on your tasks. Try not to flood your desktop with pens, books and paper. You can fill your desk drawers with caddies for pens and other writing materials. You can also buy a small bookcase for your books, photo frames!

- Michele

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