Keep your pets busy with a pet toy


Bone dog toy

An idle pet is a destructive pet. Trust me when I say that… It’s true. My dog is a very big Labrador with an even bigger appetite for destruction. When he isn’t distracted by his toys, he will destroy the cushions and pillows in the house. Before I got him his dog toys, I had to hide away all the cushions to save them. I did try to train him to be obedient and non destructive but he is way too hyperactive and all that energy has to go somewhere. That was when I decided to try pet toys.

I bought him a bone dog toy. It was made of toughened rubber that can withstand the rough and tough chewing of a dog. It intrigued him so much that he spent all his free time trying to destroy the bone. Of course it didn’t keep him intrigued for long though. I bought him many more toys to keep him from turning his destructive attention towards the cushions again. Now that he is always so busy with his toys, he is tired by the time he is done playing with them. After his hyperactivity is drained out, he is a normal and well behaved dog. I found this to be a great way to deal with his high energy levels. This is not just true for dogs. Pet toys help keep your cat busy too. A cat ball will have your feline friend busy for hours with her toy.

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