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The present day mobile phone encompasses the functionality of various gadgets. Apart from making calls, which they were initially designed for, they can accomplish many more tasks, like, surfing the net, emailing, social networking, capturing pictures and videos, playing music and games. Numerous kinds of handsets have come and gone. However, there were some, that made a difference in the evolution of mobile phones; that set the trend. What is the history of these now ubiquitous accessories?

The world’s first smartphone – The story of the smartphone started way back in 1992. IBM, the American IT giant, and BellSouth Corporation, an American Telecommunications company, together launched the world’s first smartphone, called Simon. This was a touchscreen device with no physical keypad. Either the finger or a stylus could be used to operate it. Its functionality set included – sending and receiving calls, fax, pager messages; accessing the internet; emailing; playing games and features like calculator, world clock, calender, note pad etc. The IBM Simon smartphone was initially priced at $899. This is also believed to be the world’s first touchscreen handset.

The world’s first colour screen smartphone – Nokia was on a smartphone making spree since 1996. These devices belonged to Nokia’s Communicator series. The most noteworthy among them is the Nokia 9210 Communicator. It was the first color screen mobile phone. Not just that, it was also the first Symbian OS device. This Communicator had a small netbook kind of form factor. It featured an ARM processor, a half VGA screen and a physical QWERTY keyboard. This smartphone could be used for faxing, SMS-ing, emailing, surfing the internet and viewing & editing documents. There were other applications like clock, units converter, games, recorder, clock and calender on-board too.

The world’s first camera mobile phones – J-Phone, a mobile phone operator in Japan, was the first to commercialise camera mobile phones. The J-SH04 phone manufactured by Sharp, is said to be the world’s first handset with a built-in CMOS camera. It was released in November 2000. It had a 110,000 pixels resolution. Camera mobile phones soon picked up pace, and even beat the digital camera sales figures, in the last decade. In 2009, Samsung was the first to bring out a 12 Megapixel camera phone – the Samsung Pixon 12 M8910.

The world’s first 3G mobile phone – The Nokia 6650 mobile phone hails the title of “the world’s first 3G mobile phone”. It was launched during the latter part of 2002. This handset supported the WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) 3G standard. It packed in a camera for shooting both videos and photographs; an extensive connectivity set with Bluetooth, USB and Infrared; the Nokia PC Suite software for sharing multimedia content with a PC.

The world’s first multi-touch mobile phone – The Apple iPhone is the world’s first multi-touch smartphone. It created a wave when it released in 2007. Although there is some dispute about who was the first to bring out a multi-touch interface, Apple currently holds the patent for it. The iPhone’s multi-touch interface is much loved and considered to be the best till date by many around the world.

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