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Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling ever. You baby is your little bundle of joy that will stay with you forever. When you get your little baby home, all she is going to do for the initial few days is sleep. But this peace is not going to last forever. Once she starts to explore things around her, she will demand all your attention. It is now that your baby needs her treasure of adorable toys.

It is fascinating to see how your baby can respond to sounds that she hears or how she reciprocates to what you say or do. It is amazing that your baby’s brain develops at a very high pace – toys stimulate this development even better. Learning is an important part of your baby’s development, and babies learn through play. You can help your baby develop her senses in the most natural way by getting her the perfect toys. Selecting toys for your baby can be a daunting task. Plush toys are simply ideal for your little baby. A baby plush toy, like a cuddly teddy bear, is soft, spongy and fully flexible. From miniature cuddly cradle toys to bulky baby plush toys almost the size of your baby; these toys are every child’s favorite. Nearly every baby ends up with a few plush toys or stuffed animals that will be her companions for the initial few years of her growth. You will just not find the classic teddy bears; plush toys come in the form and shape of almost all animals.

Babies at ages zero to six months are all about discovery. They are learning how to use their hands, feet, eyes and most of their senses. They are fascinated by cause and effect and they love toys with bright primary colors – red, blue or yellow. A plush baby rattle is a very popular type of toy among the infants. Rattles have been around forever,  stimulate your baby’s sense of listening and looking. My little angel can’t get enough of her Giraffe plush baby rattle. It is so adorable that my baby loves to roll over with it – a perfect toy that keeps her amused for hours together!

Shopping toys for your baby does not always mean that you will have to spend pocketfull of money. There are lots of fun and cheap ways to keep your baby entertained and happy. Shop around for the perfect plush toys and gift your baby some cute giggles!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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