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Last week, I was reading a magazine while waiting to see my dentist at his clinic. The magazine read: Who the heck came up with an idea of shaving? Men look great with beards. Well, I don’t agree with the magazine but some may do. If this were an ideal world then men wouldn’t be required to shave and shaving, as we all understand, may sometimes be a pain. Learning to shave correctly is one of the few coming-of-age rituals that most men endure. From the first time that thick, hard metal takes a swipe at your facial hair, it instantly becomes an integral part of your almost-daily routine until the day you breathe your last.

Here are ideas that you may adopt and some you may prefer to avoid.


  • Shaving after you have taken a shower is extremely beneficial as it opens the pores in the skin. The open pores help you get a smoother shave and remove facial hair with ease.
  • It is best not to use cold water while shaving as it closes the skin pores reducing the effect of a good shave.
  • It is best to apply the shaving cream or foam at least 3 to 5 minutes before you gather the froth before shaving. This ensures that the facial hair is smoothened by the shaving cream or foam.
  • Carry Anthony logistics shaving kit in my diesel messenger bag. It is a perfect shave kit to provide the closest, smoothest and refreshing shave ever.
  • Always use an aftershave after you are done, no matter what rush you may be in.
  • One of the best after shaves a man can get is a van clef aftershave. An aftershave lotion is primarily applied to enjoy a smooth feeling after that hard metal is rubbed against your skin.
  • The Anthony logistics for men shave kit is a great deal for a decent price of $30 and contains 8.0 oz glycolic facial cleanser, 2.0 oz pre-shave oil, 6.0 oz shaving cream and a toiletry bag.


  • Never use bar soaps to wash your face before and after you shave. They take away the natural moisture from your skin.
  • Never use cold water to shave before this closes the pores of your skin and stops the natural flow of oxygen into the skin’s surface.
  • Never put excess pressure on the razor for extra clean shave. Pushing the blade harder will only result in bruises and nicks.
  • Never leave the blade open to air after you have shaved. Ensure it is kept away from water. The water on the blade may cause rust in corners and prove to be the agent of skin allergies.

As a young boy in early twenties, I used Old Spice after shave lotion like most boys in American households do. Besides, an after shave balm or lotion acts as a disinfectant to kill any germs and a van clef aftershave does that best.

If you are looking for a clean shave without cuts, bruises and stretched skin, then you know what to do next. Now, get the best a man can have for real.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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