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Men and their accessories may be limited but the craze is huge. Most men, if they like a specific shirt, tie or shoes, stick by it like they would in their marriage. When the subject is watches, an exception is also an exception here. For most men, a watch is more than just a timepiece. It is the only jewelry they wear besides a ring (if they’re into a relationship or marriage). A trendy watch is a great way to add some style to your weekend or evening look. Whether you’re looking for a slight image change or simply want to give your classic watch a rest on weekends, today’s fashionable watches might just provide you with the time of your life.

The obsession with the color black for men dates back to centuries. Most prefer a black tux for a party, a black SUV for the off-road trips and possibly a black Blackberry. The preference for a black watch is quite understandable. Mens all black watch is a perfect timepiece for just about any place. Men’s all black watch gives an elegant look to your personality yet ensures you look the fashionably best.  No matter what brand of watch you choose to wear, a black will always make you stand out. I bought one from the Rip Curl Detroit all black steel watches collection from a former schoolmate. We were great fans of Rip Curl flip-flops and tees while studying in Australia few years ago. The Rip Curl Detroit black steel watch is great at its technology and is made of durable materials and highest quality of stainless steel to take on anything.

Most growing men prefer a rubber strap as opposed to a metal strap because of habit and comfort due to lightweight. Whenever you are up for a dose of diversity in your personality, try a rubber strap watch. The mens rubber strap watch is still considered the mainstay of the fashion world of men’s watches. A rubber strap watch is great for casual and leisure times, like for golf with buddies or an evening with family at your favorite Korean restaurant.

If you think it is time you play hard to get, then you know the time is right only when your watch is.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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