Tips to clean your hamster cage


Hamster cage

If you have a hamster at home, it is very important to clean out his cage every week. Hamsters don’t like unhygienic cages. They can get sick very easily. So if you notice a funny smell near your hamster cage, it is time to clean it. It is most probably time to change the bedding in the cage. If you are planning to clean your hamster cage, here is how you do it.

  1. Take your hamster and keep him somewhere safe while you clean his cage. A good idea for temporary shelter would be a hamster ball or a thick wooden box. The wooden box is only a temporary measure because hamsters can chew their way through wood.
  2. Pick up your cleaning equipment. Normally, you would need a bucket of warm water, soap (preferably something without harsh chemicals) and a scrubbing sponge. You can pick up a pet cage cleaner.
  3. Remove the old bedding from the cage. Be careful not to let any of the deposits fall on the floor. Pack away the old and used bedding in a disposable bag.
  4. Dip the scrub in water, then dab it with plenty of soap and scrub the floor of the hamster cage. Make sure you scrub out all the marks and stains. Scrub till you have covered every inch of the cage.
  5. If you have any hamster wheels or play areas, you will need to clean those as well. The best way to clean these would be to dump them into a bucket of soapy water. Add soap to your bucket of water and stir till it becomes soapy. Put your hamster toys in them and leave them to clean for a while.
  6. Meanwhile, use your scrub to clean the grills of the cage as well. Make sure that there is no foul smell left in the cage.
  7. After your hamster toys have finished soaking, pick them up and rinse them. Then let them dry in sunlight.
  8. After the grills and floor of the cage have dried out, put in the fresh bedding. After the hamster toys dry out, you can put them back in the cage.

Your hamster is ready to move back into his cage!

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