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Wine has always been a great source of pleasure to everyone ever since the civilization began. It is used in so many religious ceremonies. It is used as medicine, an antiseptic and a water purifier. It can transform meals into feasts. It is definitely the world’s favorite drink! Your wine lover friend will be glad to have a drink anytime and anywhere. And will be pleased to receive gifts that are related to his favorite hobby. Here are the top 5 gifts that you can give to your wine buff friend or the wine lover in you!

  • Wine decanters: A wine decanter help in decanting drinks that may have sediments left in them. They vary in shapes and designs and look very elegant especially in glass. Most of them hold at least one whole bottle of wine.
  • Wine(s): Present the wine lover with a bottle of some great tasting wine. Merlot is a soft and fruity dry red wine, which originated in the French region of Bordeaux. It is famous for its deep aromas of black cherry, currant, and green olive along with mint and tobacco tones. This wine is the most delicious when served slightly below room temperature to accompany simply prepared dishes, such as grilled chicken or a roast leg of lamb! Riesling and Chablis are good wines to try too.
  • Wine ware: Wine tastes better when served in equally good looking wine ware. Back in the 5th Century AD, people used goblets- glasses that are typically used in event today for wine and drinks. Plastic wine goblets are perfect for large gatherings like weddings and banquets. They also look beautiful just like glass goblets do.
  • Wine chiller and wine thermometer: Wine chillers because we know they are important for keeping the wine at the right temperature and wine thermometer to check how cold or not your wine is. Wine chillers are also of many types like the classic ones, modern ones and the electric one. A digital wine thermometer will make an ideal gift.
  • Wine glass rack: A special place to keep your wine ware. A hanging wine glass rack is one of the kinds of holder that is used to elegantly hang wine glasses in kitchens. The vintage ones are made of wood with metallic chains on it. The modern rack can be made up of metal, bamboo or wood.

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