Two indispensable kitchen utensils every chef adores


Consider changing your kitchen to a better tasting one. Visualize a kitchen that makes your cooking fun. Well, you might end up buying lots of expensive items for this; but the catch is, that smaller utensils are no less important. In fact, the utensils like the glass cutting board, mixer and grinder, oven and salad spinner can affect your kitchen experience considerably. Let’s see how two usually overlooked utensils can bring cheers to your kitchen experience.

The glass cutting board is the first that often gets neglected. The fact is besides using it as a cutting board, if you choose a good cutting board that is, you can use it as a pastry board, cooling rack, serving tray, or counter cover.  Not to forget the tempered glass cutting boards are “cut” resistant that never lets bacteria to thrive. Moreover, as the boards are most often lovely to look at, you will love to use it more often. If you need some guidance, the Tuftop Cottage Garden Counter Saver Glass Cutting Board has all the above mentioned qualities and more.

Next, the salad spinner can also make salad preparation much easier and far more desirable. If you are an avid salad enthusiast, you probably know that the greens, herbs and fruits need to be dried after mixing for the perfect taste. The salad spinner makes it possible. Besides drying, the spinner makes that salad mixed homogeneously so that the left salad on the right side of the plate doesn’t taste different from the one in the left.

Some kitchen utensils that we don’t pay much attention to can altogether change the kitchen. Not to forget, when it changes, you’d savor the new taste of foods that are an ultimate outcome of better utensils.

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