Best lawn mowers for keeping your lawn trimmed


Best lawn mowers

If you want to maintain a healthy looking lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors, regular mowing and trimming is unavoidable. But for getting a lawn that looks like a green carpet you have to select the right lawn mower.

Choose a lawn mower according to your lawn’s shape and size. A very big lawn mower will be waste of space and money for smaller garden spaces.

Here are the top three lawn mowers to keep your lawn trimmed and maintained-

1. Petrol lawn mowers

The biggest advantage of petrol lawn mowers is that they function without wires. So, if you have a huge lawn there is no need to get yards of extension cables to operate the mower. Mowers like the Honda 21 In. Steel, Single Speed 2 IN 1 Walk behind Mower, 652390 are energy efficient. You don’t have to pour gallons into their tanks. The powerful engine breezes through the garden without making the typical motor noise.

2. Electric lawn mowers

The most cost-effective lawn mowers are electrically-operated ones like Poulan lawn mowers. They come with basic rotary mowers that are light in weight and easier to operate. Electrically operated mowers require less maintenance, as compared to petrol mowers.

3. Cylinder lawn mowers

Mowers like Ariens lawn mower operate on cylinder.

High on efficiency and speed, this mower makes your lawn look like it has been back from the hairdressers. It has been used for decades before the invention of the electric and fuel counterparts. But, due to the high prices of cylinder, the recurring maintenance budget also increases.

Looking for something a bit more heavy duty? Try a Toro commercial lawn mower.

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