Casual shoes for the weekend


Shoes for the weekend

You are over the hump and the weekend is finally here. It’s time to put away your office shoes and slip into a more casual pair. The chic, relaxed weekend shoe-styles have been given a new avatar. Casual shoes are no longer restricted to rubber flip flops or sloppy sandals. The fashion mantra this season is cool, laid-back styles in dressing, accessories and even shoes.

During the warmer, summer months, you can opt for canvas or flip flop weekend shoes. For winters, a chic covered sandal or casual moccasins may substitute formal boots. After a line-up of formal trousers and crisp shirts, it is time to pull out your jeans and sweat pants. Pair them with casual shoes that match your style. Wear classic slip on vans for barbecues, picnics or a game of poker. You can slip them on easily without bothering to tie up laces. There is no need to wear socks with these breathable, canvas shoes.

Flip flop designs from yellow box shoes are perfect for weekend agendas like a day at the beach or by the poolside. Made from rubber or vinyl, these ‘beach wear’ are water-friendly and dry off easily too. Adventurous minds and sports lovers can wear men’s converse Chuck Taylor’s. This classic design characterizes the casual retro-style. Both soccer dads and teens love the comfort of these trendy rubber soles.

Casual weekend shoes should not be worn to formal events like weddings or to work. These look hip when worn for-

  • Weekend getaways
  • To the beach
  • Poolside parties
  • Barbecues
  • Regattas

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