Choosing lovely lamp shades for your home


green lamp shade

When you are choosing a lamp shade for your home, the style has to be taken into consideration. The lovely lamp shade displayed at the furniture store may just cramp up your bedroom or living room space. A lamp shade should have beautiful designs, striking colors and be in proportion with the accompanied furniture. Available in different shapes and designs, these lamp shades enhance bedroom décor and compliment the ambience. Pleated lamps have a traditional appearance and look best with antique furniture.

You should choose a lamp shade considering its utility or purpose. For instance, the lamp placed in the lounging area should be bright enough for doing crossword, knitting or reading. Styles like the diamond beaded down light floor lamp allow enough light for readability. Cleanliness and maintenance factors should not be ignored. Your beaded lamp shades would require regular cleaning to maintain the shine of the beads.

Shapes of the lamp shades can enhance or spoil the décor of your home. Designs like candlestick lamps should have shades with complimenting bases. A round shaped lamp shade would look best with a stand that is rounded. An exception here is using a square based lamp on a round table. Over here, a round shade can be used as it compliments the table shape.

Colors can be coordinated in contrast. A green lamp shade would compliment white or light colored furniture. The lamp translucency should be based on required illumination. To divert light on a particular task, opaque lamp shades can be used.

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