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Polka Dot Heels. Photo by Dave Sedlmayer of Flickr

I’ve been in a bit of a predicament lately;  I have a pair of awesome rainbow heels that I splurged on during an online sale last year and they’ve been collecting dust ever since. I really don’t want to give them away because they’re so fantastic, but they would also look better on my feet than on the shoe rack. When I shopped around (like the shopping addict I am) for shoes again the other day, I bumped into something amazing to resolve my problem.

Near the end cap by the clearance shoes, there were these things called shoe stretchers. They look like mannequin feet with these metal bars that pop out the back, although there are variations. Honestly, I noticed them first because of their bizarre shape, but these things are great. They stretch out your shoes to be longer or wider, or even both. You can stretch your shoes out to prevent blisters or corns or just to make your shoes comfy and bearable. These work well, especially for heels of shoes that tend to be pinched. I recommend cedar shoe stretchers, personally. The cedar wood will stamp out any shoe odors while stretching out your shoes.cedar shoe stretcher

While you shop around for one of these shoe stretchers, might as well go all the way and get some insoles for uncomfortable shoes, especially if you’re lacking in arch support or you want to get that deluxe feel without investing in another pair of shoes. There are all sorts of foot cushions out there that can pinpoint and alleviate feet problems, like with arches or heels. Pro-tip: if your shoes are too big and you can’t exchange for the proper size, add gel heel cushions for a better fit.

Hopefully these options will help you with any shoe problems you may have. They’re certainly better than what I did before to stretch out shoes. Let’s just say, it’s not a good idea to ask your roommate with big feet to walk around in your shoes for a couple hours. That won’t stretch out shoes permanently, so don’t even bother!

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