Essentials for your bunny


Rabbits make for lovely pets! I decided to bring two rabbits home and there is so much to learn about raising rabbits!

Here is what I was told by the man at the pet store.

  • Rabbits are social animals. They like to hang out in a group. So make sure you give your rabbits company. Let them socialize together.
  • Rabbits like lots of space but they also need somewhere to go to feel safe.
  • Their digestive system is very active and they need a high fiber diet. They eat a lot of grass and vegetation.

After I brought the rabbits, I introduced them to their new home. I found it to be very easy to house train the rabbits. I put in a litter tray with hay and they liked to use it. I bought them a nice and spacious rabbit cage with soft care fresh bedding liter. The pet shop guy also told me to buy a chew proof water bottle. Rabbits love to nibble and chew!

I also bought a nutrition guide for rabbits. According to the guide, the essential foods for a rabbit are:

  • Hay
  • Green leafy vegetable
  • Dried food

I hope this helps. This is the first time I raised rabbits and I love the experience. If you are an animal lover, you will certainly enjoy raising rabbits!

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