Food and water to fulfill your dog’s hunger


Pedigree Dog food

Does your dog like to snack a lot? Do you end up sharing a lot of snacks with your dog? If you do then you better kick that habit. Snacking throughout the day is not good for your dog. It is always better to keep your dog on a fixed meal time schedule.

Ask your vet and he will tell you that a fixed meal time schedule with proper dog food is best for your dog’s health. It helps the dog develop a strong digestion system and metabolism which in turn help your pet grow healthy and strong. Snacks disturb the metabolism cycle and prevent hunger at meal times. When this happens, your dog loses out on nutritive meals and his digestive system is busy digesting unhealthy snacks. If you keep feeding your dog snacks all day, the fat levels in his body will rise and he will need more exercise than just his normal jogging or walking routine to stay healthy.

If your dog becomes overweight, there are chances of diseases like diabetes or arthritis taking their toll on your dog. Take care of your canine pal and give him the right nutrition. Provide him with a balanced dog food such as Pedigree dog food or Royal Canin special diets for dogs. They are blended with the right nutrition for dogs. Always make sure that your dog has access to drinking water. Dogs drink a lot of water because that is the only way they regulate heat in their bodies. Make sure their water bowl is always full. If you cannot be at home all the time, install an automatic dog waterer. It is a simple device that helps keep your dog’s water bowl full at all times.

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