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Pregnancy is the most beautiful, magical and life changing experience for any woman (and man!). What more, it gets you your most precious gift – your little baby. However, the only downside is, pregnancy may give you a lot of pregnancy fat. Trying to lose your post-pregnancy belly, in most cases, could be quite frustrating and even heart-breaking. The over-eating regime that you followed for 9 months plays havoc with your metabolism and getting back in shape may seem like a distant dream. But regaining control of life post pregnancy, looking good and more importantly feeling good about yourself is not all that difficult.

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Having a baby means a lot of things – losing sleep, learning how to bring up a tiny person and most of all dealing with all the extra pounds you have put on. As you try to get adjusted with your new routine, exercise may seem to be the last thing you would want to do. But being active now is more important than ever before. Your body may be very different post pregnancy but a little patience and some consistent exercise may do wonders for you. A new mom may find it very difficult to find time for exercise as looking after the new baby is a 24-hour job. But work-out need not always take you away from your baby. Here are a few ways you can get fit while having a good time with your baby.

  • Walking with your baby is a great stress booster and an equally good form of exercise. It increases your strength and burns that extra fat. Carry your baby using a beautiful baby sling and walk as much as you can. The baby will add that extra weight that will benefit you in this exercise. Once your baby is a little older you can put him in the 3 seat stroller and stroll along. Strollers are great exercise tools for new moms. However, be mindful of leaning on the stroller but walking upright. You might also enjoy going cycling with your baby by fixing a good baby trailer to your cycle.
  • You might also consider going for jogs with your toddler. Just pull out one of those kids’ sweatsuits and a great pair of athletic baby shoes for your junior champ and go out for a run with him. Running or jogging makes you seat and this goes a long way in burning the extra pounds.
  • Play time with your baby can be made into exercise time as well. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you can incorporate movements in the games that you play. For instance, a simple ball can become the best workout tool for you and a great piece of fun for your baby.
  • Another very good form of exercise with your baby is to dance. Babies love it when you dance with them and they don’t bother how good or bad you are at it. Turn on your favorite music or rock out at your baby’s favorite and dance all around the house. Dip, sway and twirl your baby with the beat of the music. Not only will this be a good exercise, you and your little one will have a fantastic time.

Losing your pregnancy weight isn’t really hard if you exercise with your baby. Exercising with your baby will not just allow you to get back in shape sooner, but also give your little one some fun and entertainment. Such work-out sessions have the added bonus of spending quality time with your baby. No matter what you do, you’ll definitely enjoy your work-out time with your baby. There is nothing like having a little baby to encourage you to get back in shape!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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