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Every occasion in life has its own importance. Whether it is a Father’s day or a graduation day, some things can be merged and the happiness, doubled. For all college goers, a graduation day is a celebration of  new found freedom. High school graduation brings with it a sense of fulfillment and achievement. A graduation day may be a special day in a student’s life but for a parent, it is the most jubilant moment. Especially for fathers, seeing their little kid all grown up and even graduated brings about a feeling of contentment. A graduation day gift from a father is more of a blessing than anything else.

Wallets are a prime accessory for any man. Hugo Boss wallets are a great pick for both dads and grads. Any dad will love to own a Hugo Boss wallet because of its storage capacity and a grad, for its style.  Most of these wallets have two bill compartments, eight card pockets and four open pockets. The wallet is made of genuine leather. I think the men’s Hugo Boss California cognac wallet is perfect for dads and grads. The color combination with its sleek design is just the right wallet.

Another great gift would be a wrist watch. Men who have no inclination towards a wrist watch are a rare find. A Seiko Bezels watch is simple yet stylish. It is a great combination for the young men and the matured adults. A Seiko chronograph has a masculine built and is unique in more ways than one. The watch is water resistant to a maximum depth of 100 meters so it is suitable for diving and tough on sports too.

These two make up for clinically awesome gifts for dads and grads. After all, men will always remain men.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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