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home bread slicer

It is summer time and with the heat taking a toll, you are bound to find yourself looking for a quick bite of snack. Sandwiches are possibly the best snack at anytime of the day. If you are a sandwich lover or think grabbing a bite will keep you going, then you need a home bread slicer and not a knife. The next time you have unexpected guests, have ad-hoc park visits or simply lazing at home; best sandwiches are made using a home bread slicer. They say that the next best thing to sliced bread is a bread slicer.

A home bread slicer can do multi-tasks unlike knives. The benefits of using a home bread slicer rather than a knife are:

  1. The bread pieces can be evenly cut in different shapes and sizes. This is an extremely tough job using a knife. This is one of the reasons the home bread slicer makes for a great gift.
  2. You can slice uniform bread pieces from a wide variety of different loaves; from soft sandwich bread to coarse artisan loafs. Moreover, a lot of bread slicers these days also come with attachments that help you bag the sliced bread.
  3. A bread slicer has multiple knives in the set that can be used for different kinds of slicing and shaping the bread. Imagining slicing bread in the shape of a star is itself daunting leave alone doing it.
  4. If you are a bread lover and a connoisseur in that area, then I recommend you consider buying a Norpro bread slicer with crumb catcher. This is an adequate no frills manual bread slicer. Its crumb catcher removes the mess, making the slicer a much cleaner option than just slicing bread on a cutting board.
  5. However, a Kershaw 7000 breakout auto knife is a good option for regular use. Excellent handling and quality stainless steel makes it stands apart from other regular knives.

A look at the pros and cons between the two will clearly make a point.

  1. A home bread slicer has multiple knives in the set, while a single knife is, after all, a single knife. It obviously has its limitations.
  2. A home bread slicer is a great gift for home makers or friends who come from food industry or just foodies. A single knife may not be able to do an impressive job there.
  3. A home bread slicer is a clean option and hygienic too, compared to a knife.
  4. Needless to mention, a home bread slicer is great for picnics and looks elegant than just a knife.

This summer, treat yourself to great snacks and meals of bread. If it is a quality bread,  then it has got to be a home bread slicer to give it an interesting look.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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