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Dogs have been known to be the most faithful pets to mankind. However, having said that, they also get pissed off and sometimes do unexpected things that may put us to think if all is well. Dogs, like most pets, have a way to communicate and that is through their body language. Most owners have a unique way of identifying what the dog wants or may be, don’t want through its act. Of all the things that dogs do, barking is the most common. Dogs bark for various reasons like alerting the owner of a danger or send off a stranger. Some dogs bark because they seek your attention. Ideally, this sort of barking should not be encouraged. And, some dogs may bark just for the heck of it because they are bored.

However, there are ways to handle the behavior change that your dog may display when you have guests. If you want to control the barking of your dog then a no bark collar is a great option. With each bark, the no bark collar emits a high-pitched tone that you cannot hear but your dog can. It is absolutely harmless to your pet and your dog will eventually stop barking. It must be placed around the neck. In the line of similar products, an Orvis no bark 18 is a miracle. My sister uses for her pet and it is incredibly effective. Orvis no bark 18 is a beneficial way to train your dog to stop barking. It has 18 different levels of corrections. There is no programming required either.

Of course, dog bark control is equally effective too. A dog bark control collar is light weight and comfortable for the pet. It stops the dog from barking by the use of a spray. It is a detection system and gets activated by pet’s bark.  The spray is gentle and again, extremely harmless for your dog.

Rewarding your dog for not barking is another great and non-technological way to stop it from barking. Do not get angry at the dog when it is barking because this only compounds the problem at hand. Dogs need love, care and attention and we must ensure we treat them with empathy.

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