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For years, a wallet has remained man’s single noticeable accessory. Things may have changed a bit over the years and men have started using other accessories, but finding the perfect wallet is a challenge time and time again. Most men don’t carry bags, so a wallet plays a large part in a man’s accessories arsenal. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect wallet:

  1. Always look for a wallet with strong and durable material. A wallet is an accessory which must stand the test of time and endurance.
  2. The way and manner in which the wallet is constructed is equally important. Some wallets are vertical and while others may be placed horizontally. Either way, the key is to finding the one is it’s ample space for cards and slips.
  3. Hugo Boss wallets are one of a kind. Hugo Boss wallets are made of high-quality leather, have three pocket cards and one business card pocket with a window. It is a streamlined style too. Men’s Hugo Boss California – Cognac is what I use. My wallet has four open pockets, two bill compartments and eight pocket cards.
  4. A wallet must always compliment your preference and style. Wallets are an accessory that men can relate with so carrying a wallet that is not like you will show up clearly.
  5. Another great wallet comes from Guess. The Guess wallet is a little trendier with plenty of credit card slots that keeps you organized. It features a silver label on with the name Guess tagged on it.

A wallet must signify who you really are. It is an unspoken signature you carry on yourself and sign it every once in a while in front of others; a perfect wallet is one you are comfortable having on you all day long. So put your money where your wallet is and spend in style.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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