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combo all in one activity walker

A new born brings a whole lot of joy and happiness in lives of all those related to her. Having read a lot on babies and anticipating giggles and cries, you might be surprised to find your newborn spend most of her time peacefully in the coziness of her crib. In the initial few weeks of her life, all that a little baby might do is sleep. However, this is just the calm before the storm. Once your baby is able to look around and appreciate the sounds around her, which is by about 3 to 4 months; your little one will demand all your attention and care. This is when you will have to provide her with other sources of comfort and entertainment. It is important to keep your baby preoccupied while you complete your daily chores without any hindrance.

As your baby grows, her need for entertainment will also grow. The best way to keep your baby occupied and entertained is by getting her some great toys. And what more, these toys also play a significant role in overall growth and development of your baby. Baby rockers, like a toy rocking horse is very popular among little babies. This is not just a captivating toy but also a beautiful addition to your child’s nursery. Most of these toy rocking horses come with an audio add-on that can talk and sing to your child while she happily rocks.

Another great way to encourage your baby to enjoy by herself is to get her a little buggy car. Not just will your toddler get her first driving lesson, she will also be engrossed in it for hours together. This little car will not just come handy at home, you can take it along while you go for your walk or work-out. Your baby will have her share of entertainment while you will have your own relaxing time. A buggy comes with an adult steering so that you can monitor and control your baby’s driving.  I bought a cute little pink buggy for my little daughter. She just loves to have fun and flaunt her driving skills while I complete my routine chores peacefully.

Though a baby walker rarely encourages your baby to walk sooner, a good combo all-in-one activity walker is a great tool for your baby to entertain herself. This little colorful automotive of your baby can provide her with a playful and stimulating experience. The anti-skid pads, safety harnesses and the lockable bounce features ensure your child’s safety. It also comes equipped with a play/ snack tray providing your baby with a safe and comfortable environment for your baby. However, be mindful to keep a close watch on your baby and do not let her go near the stairway with her walker.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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