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It is a well known truth that sun’s rays are extremely harmful to us. According to experts in the dermatology industry, there were over a million new cases of skin cancer alone in 2008. There is little or no need for you to panic with several products lined up to save you from the damage. If the threat of skin cancer isn’t enough for you start a regular sun protection regime, then may the thought and fact that every time you play or party in the sun, you are one step closer to aging spots and early wrinkles.

Wearing a sunscreen lotion is paramount in summers and incorporating SPF into your daily routine is all the more critical. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and today the awareness of SPF has grown to a large extent. A sun block lotion acts as an efficient damage-controller for your skin. Using the right sun block lotion with adequate amount of SPF is of greater importance than just using any sun block lotion. One must also be mindful of the fact that a very high SPF content may also be harmful to the skin. I recommend a sun block lotion with SPF in the required amount and one that ranges between 30 and 55 for regular use. No Ad sun block lotion contains aloe and vitamin. With the right amount of SPF content, this sun block lotion is just the right thing you need to keep your skin protected.

Alternatively, a Neutrogena sunscreen lotion can be used for skin protection and improving over-all skin health. Neutrogena sunscreen lotions usually have higher SPF but then again, a apart of their content has moisture.

The key route to stay protected is to maintain balance. It should be comprehended and appreciated that protection is vital, but it must not be overdone. The SPF content needs to be appropriate. People, the UV rays were never friendly so in this case, prevention is definitely better than cure. Play safe!

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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