Keep Cool Indoors This Summer


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Summer is almost here! Take advantage of longer daylight hours to go out and hit the waves! For those days that you’re chillaxing at home, prepare yourself with some household items to keep cool before you end up wasting the whole day passed out on the couch in response to the heat wave. Check out our recommendations past the jump.

If you find yourself struggling to be productive in response to 90F weather, maybe it’s time to install an air conditioner before you’re delirious with heat stroke. Pick one that mediates between keeping your place cool and keeping your electric bill reasonable. Energy star logos are a good sign for any air conditioner you consider; going green can keep your monthly bill nice and small. Consider noise levels, cooling times and warranties when you shop around to make sure that your air conditioner lasts more than one summer!

For cooler climates going through occasional heat waves, I recommend a ceiling fan. Great for studio apartments, bedrooms or dining rooms, ceiling fans come in all shapes and creative designs that you can fit into your décor. Get a ceiling fan with light and you won’t need a separate floor lamp. I recommend this SandStone Finish Ceiling Fan. It’s a nice ceiling fan with a light that gets the room cool when you need it done.

In between ice-cold drinks and tanning sessions, these two items will keep the room nice and cool during this hot summer. Just be sure to turn the air conditioner or ceiling fan off before you leave home so that you don’t generate excess heat in the room. If that’s not enough, it’s time to stash some watermelon in the fridge and popsicles in the freezer! However, if you have any other ideas, definitely let us know in the comments.


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