Keeping your cat comfortable with sleep beds


Heated cat bed

When adding a furry friend into your home, of course you need a necessities such as food and a corner cat litter box. But buying your feline friend a comfortable cat bed is a wonderful way to let your kitty know that you care. Now, before you go and blow up a lot of cash on a big lavish cat bed, it is better to know what your cat likes. Some cats like hard surfaces, some like warmer surfaces. So before you pick up a bed, observe your cat to see where he or she likes to sleep.

There are many different types of cat beds available in the market.

  • Velvet beds have velvet lining on the inside to make it ultra comfortable for your cat.
  • You can even find cat beds that come with a heater installed. The heater warms the bed to your cat’s liking. Heated cat beds are great during winters.
  • You can even find cat beds that are electro-statically charged to catch cat hair. All you need to do is empty the hair at your convenience.
  • There are many shapes and sizes of cat beds. The round cat bed is one of the most popular cat beds.
  • You can even find ultra soft orthopedic cat beds which are extremely soft and don’t stress the cat’s bones. Well suited for older cats.

So pick a bed your cat will like and let him or her enjoy a good night’s sleep on a beautiful bed!

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