Protect your new Macbook Pro on the go


If you are one of those lucky people who own a Macbook pro, you sure would want it to look as good as new for quite some time. Its shiny aluminum exterior may be incredibly fashionable, but it also can be dented and scratched easily when you are on the go. Here are a few accessories you should consider using to keep your Macbook pro safe.

The most popular accessory which protects your Macbook pro from dents and scratches are laptop sleeves with handles. Before buying a laptop sleeve you should consider two things, its functionality and design. Functionality has to do with its ability to protect your laptop. The design of these laptop sleeves is dependent on your taste and personality. A laptop sleeve does its job and protects your laptop from the wear and tear that occurs due to frequent trips. Furthermore, they are very slick and thin. A few laptop sleeves for the apple 17 macbook pro notebook also have the option to allow books to be packed in between the laptop without causing any damage to it.

Laptop sleeves are cheaper than bags, and are little larger than your computer itself. So if you’re looking to buy a Macbook Pro sleeve, just make sure it is padded, and perhaps waterproof. You will typically be keeping this sleeve within another bag, so waterproofing is not as much of as a must, but it is still handy.

If you are not into laptop sleeves you should consider getting leather laptop cases. They may not look as good as laptop sleeves but they sure do their job of protecting your Macbook pro. These cases are waterproof, and their padded laptop compartment is lined with corduroy to prevent scratching of your Macbook pro.

So get yourself the right accessories to protect your laptop and keep it looking as good as new.

Guest Blogger: Anil

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