Sand volleyball


Sand volleyball or beach volleyball is a variant of volleyball played on sand. It is pretty similar to the other variants of volleyball. Like the other variants of volleyball there are two teams who are separated by a high net. To score a point you must ground the volleyball in the opponents half. Competitive beach volleyball teams consist of just two players each whereas casual beach volleyball can have up to six players on each team.  Beach volleyball first originated first in Southern California and is now popular all over the world. Beach volleyball is even an Olympic sport. Like any sport you would need necessary equipment required to play. Here are some of things you would need to play sand/beach volleyball.

  • Beach Volleyball: Beach volleyballs are very different from regular indoor volleyballs. The outdoor beach volleyball is slightly larger, weighs less and should always be less inflated than an indoor volleyball. Beach volleyballs like the Baden outdoor volleyball are the most popular ones used on beaches now days.
  • Sand socks: The great thing about playing sand volleyball is that you don’t have to waste money on volleyball shoes. When the sand is very hot or very cold and you may choose to wear sand socks. These are specially made for beach volleyball players to wear in the sand and protect their feet from harsh weather conditions.
  • Beach Volleyball Net: The volleyball net for sand volleyball is the same height as indoor volleyball. The material used also does not change from indoor to sand/beach volleyball

There are a few manufacturers which offer portable volleyball sets which you can carry around when you head out to a beach or a park. So enjoy this game and have a great time on the beach this summer

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