Stay hydrated during sports


Stay hydrated when you workout

Do you feel dizzy or overtly tired after playing a game of your favorite sport? You may have heard it hundreds of times already that drinking water during sport activities is vital. But what you don’t know is drinking too much water may risk hyponatremia or water intoxication. Also, you need fluids that provide body glucose and other vital nutrients for staying hydrated, especially during humid months.

When you are performing a sport activity, worked out muscles results in increased body temperature. Perspiration helps the body to cool down but also results in severe loss of fluids. If the body is unable to replenish these fluids, it results in-

  • Poor or diminished performance as the blood volume is reduced because of dehydration. This causes low blood pressure, dizziness and nausea.
  • You may also suffer from a heat stroke if the body temperature goes beyond 41 degrees Celsius. It results in fatal seizures, coma or even death.

What you can do?

Carry a backpack where you can store water or a glucose drink. The Camelbak hydration pack has a separate section for keeping your fluids for easier access. You don’t have to open the entire pack for grabbing a drink. If you have a long day of sport training or activity, then water may not replenish enough fluids. Get a high-energy sports drink powder and mix it with juice or water. It keeps the body hydrated while providing some essential nutrients too.

Sometimes, even meals have to be missed during sports activities. Products like energy drink orange 11.5oz 24/ provide nutrients to regularize the body’s natural energy over a long haul. Blueberries and grapes contain antioxidants which energize the body and help you to focus better.

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